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RIIFT Fashion Designers Pvt Ltd was established in 2015, to transform the Traditional Business system into a highly ecient and safe new gen e-commerce business. The company purchased popular brands like Kangaroos Clothing, Nickudoll Infant Clothing, Riift and Lawyers Club Clothing.For the smooth running of Riift e-commerce platform, Riift Fashion Mall ltd was incorporatedon 8th April, 2019.
Being a global platform, RIIFT facilitates opportunities to every single indigenous entrepreneur, trader, fashion designer, newcomer and individual to introduce, purchase and sell the most updated product in the world. We help you participate in the mutual exchange of quality products through the export- import mechanism of our platform. We also help in promoting national as well as international trading endeavor marked by accurate, transparent and high-speed transactions. RIIFT is a new and great potential start up project that takes humanity one step ahead in technology, promoting the economy of thriving nations.



To transform traditional (oine) business-trends and provide wholesale and retail (B2B & B2C) online business platform opportunities to those interested in owning their own new generation budget friendly and high speed e-business transactions globally. To help you reserve and book your own business rooms in our online platform to buy and sell your products and to connect with wholesalers to retailers to enhance the growth of your business.
As the latest e-commerce platform of the 21st century of new generation businessmen, RIIFT is expected to carry out world trade in the fashion industry business.
RIIFT intends to be a great blessing to all categories of people desiring to enter into the world of business. RIIFT invites everyone to grab this fabulous opportunity.

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