RIIFT – Radical Innovation in Fashion Trends.

RIIFT Fashion Mall Limited is a Global trading platform with an efficient infrastructure for the E-business, combining the goodness of Traditional Business and E-commerce. We provide services and support to our clients by promoting their business efficiently through Marketing and Branding. Offline Business facilitation is what makes our venture prominent from other trading networks, where the vitalities of the dynamic Business world were enabled online and offline.

Our innovative team has been defining and refining the splendid idea behind this venture since 2007 and the RIIFT was manifested in 2015 in all its glory and grandeur. RIIFT acts as a corporate Business Consultant, Business Service Provider, and Branding Promoter who incorporate every possible success elements to the strategy.

Our Vision

  • To avoid Business Traffic and enable easy access to customer portal.
  • To provide a platform of worldwide trading for businessmen in various categories( Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Exporters and Importers.)
  • To provide easy access to both BUSINESS TO BUSINESS Trading as well as for BUSINESS TO CONSUMER Trading. (B2B AND B2C)
  • To facilitate  business among entrepreneurs Worldwide.

Our Mission

  • To retain the ethics of Traditional business and converge e-commerce technology to the spirit of your business and promote it both online and offline(O&O).
  • To provide commercial and social interactions among millions of our customers of both National and International level
  • To help businessmen to restructure and modify their Sales and Business strategies, to do maximum business with the minimum investment as well as the expenditure.
  • To avoid misplaced and expensive advertisements and take the business of our clients to the next level, practicing the right mix of branding and marketing.
  • To support the excellent customization of your products with professional advice from our accomplished experts so as to reach the targeted  customers.
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